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Here is a panel discussion of alumni of Bethany College and the Economics Club.  Some of the alumni were economics majors while others were not. The alumni are discussing how they use economics in their post-Bethany careers.  They also discuss which courses were the most useful for them.  As you would expect given the box two below this, ECON 222 and 350 are cited often.  Surprisingly, ECON 360 is also mentioned.  https://youtu.be/wn3GF_PHjPM
I found an interesting article on the Wall Street Journal.  According to it, Economics majors have the highest starting salary of all undergraduate majors other than in STEM fields.  Economics majors get higher pay than majors in Business, Accounting, Finance, and some stem fields like Information Technology, Mathematics, and Chemistry.  Also, Economics majors have the fourth largest increase in salary from starting to mid-career. The three with larger increases still had lower salaries than Economics majors. 

In a 2024 article, Economics is one of the best paying majors.  The only business related majors on the list were Finance and Business Analytics, which tied with Economics.  Many STEM majors were not on the list.

In a related article in The Economist magazine (basically Britain's version of US News & World Report), they say:
High-scoring students leave £500,000 on the table by eschewing economics."

I found a Business Insider article of the 25 skills that are the most demanded according to LinkedIn.  The only one which was not a computer skill was “Economics”.  Also, we teach you four of the other skills - Statistical Analysis (ECON 222 & 350), Data Presentation (ECON 222), Business Intelligence (which they describe as forecasting) (ECON 350), Software Q & A Testing (ECON 222).

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                      Martin Luther King Jr "Break the Chains"
                      sculpture in San Diego Click to see a bigger
                      version.Actual Game from 2022/12/13
These pictures are of me at the sculpture "Breaking of The Chains" in San Diego and a game of 2048 I played on 2022/12/13.  The sculpture honors Martin Luther King Jr.

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